Popular Culture Memorabilia

  • Where are the young collectors? Where is that new generation, that those of us who've been in the antiques & collectibles business for years keep expecting to show up at our shows & stores? Maybe they're online, and maybe they're not buying what we've always loved and have for sale. Maybe they identify more with the culture that surrounds them, pop culture, than with the culture of their ancestors. Is there anything in the pop culture worthy of collecting, and if so, can we long-time dealers begin to transition to involve ourselves in this new branch of collecting? Maybe this isn't really such a new branch of collecting--maybe it's been out there for years, and we've just been blind to it or wanted to ignore it because it didn't rise to our "standards." We'll begin a month long exploration of this topic on Tuesday evening with the first of 6 shows on "Pop Culture Collecting," culminating on May 30 with our live interview with Neal Adams, Silver Age comic book artist, whose pencil drawings of 1960's-'70's strips now command prices well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Check out the announcement for this event on the "Events" page. The category is obviously very broad, and in this first show Tuesday we'll try to establish some perameters & definitions, and look at pricing of some truly exceptional pop culture collectibles across the many sub-categories in this broad field. Please join us online at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT Tuesday. Gary