Classified Ads Show + Appraisals

  • We invite everyone to join us online on Saturday for our monthly Classified Ads Show, followed by our Appraisal Show, originating from the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver, Colorado. We'll be featuring a number of interesting recent listings to the iAntique Classifieds--a great variety of pieces listed by members from throughout the US. If you have something listed that you'd like for Tom Davis & me to profile, please send me a message before the show. We follow that with our June Appraisal event. Collectors from throughout Colorado bring their prize possessions to the Mall for Tom & me to appraise. We've had some truly memorable items in every Appraisal Show we've done, and I expect no less on Saturday. If you're in the Denver area please come by the Mall & watch both shows live. If not you can catch both shows live online--click Connect at the top of the page. The Classified Show lasts an hour & starts at 10AM PDT, 11AM MDT, Noon CDT, 1PM EDT. Then after a 1/2 hour break we'll be back for the Appraisals. That show normally lasts about 2 hours. Gary