Magazines & Newspapers

  • Not a week passes that someone doesn't ask me if their copy of a Nov. 23, 1963, or a June 7, 1944, or a September 12, 2001 newspaper isn't worth a lot of money. Conversely everybody seems surprised when a pick out an old magazine, like the Craftsman I profiled in the last $100 Bargain Show, to demonstrate an underpriced item. Fact is, the newspaper publishers recognized at the time that momentous events like the JFK assassination or D-DAY were so important that they printed many more copies than usual. Result is that newpapers on the day following important events normally don't command high prices--$5-10 at most, while rare magazines & newspapers can be valued in the $1,000's. After all, we know that certain comic books can be worth into the $millions. In Tuesday evening's show I'll be profiling some of the rare & valuable newspapers & magazines, so that the next time you go to an estate sale or are looking through old issues at the antique mall, you'll know to look for certain names & issues. Hint--age is almost never the most important criterion. Hope everyone can join me in the chat room or online (click Connect) at the top of the page for this weeks's show on Magazines & Newspapers. We'll be on at the usual time, Tuesday, at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT Gary