Recent Happenings on iAntique

  • We've seen a number of interesting things on iAntique recently, so I thought I would profile a few of them in this week's show, in case you missed them. Last Tuesday's show on Imperial Chinese Art showcased items that astounded the experts who thought they'd seen it all! And Chris has agreed to return in about a month to show us more of the extraordinary things in his collection. I've continued to find real bargains that I profile in the Bargain Shows, and these finds are selling immediately--we'll look at a few of the recent finds. The Classified Ad section continues to grow as membership as skyrocketed above 13,000, and the Classifieds are paying dividends to those members who choose to list items for sale--we're even shipping large pieces of furniture across country--we'll take a look at how to make best use of all the features in the Classifieds section. We're getting great questions in the Q&A--what we need more of is members with knowledge of a particular category to share that knowledge with us by answering some of the questions. You've all seen that the home page has been re-designed--what do you think of the changes? Any suggestions? In my opinion we are one of the very best sources of information on antiques & collectibles anywhere, and we're free! Tell your friends, and we sure to tune in Tuesday at the usual time for an update on recent happenings on iAntique. Just click Live Shows a few minutes before 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Gary