Fakes, Knockoffs & Repros

  • A couple of weeks ago I began a series of shows on fakes. We discussed KPM plaques, Sevres porcelain, painted furniture, antiqued furniture, Currier & Ives, arrowheads, etc. That show is now up in the Videos section. Its called "Fake Rust." Some experts believe that as much as 90% of what's now offered for sale in certain categories online & in shops is fake! Antiques seems to be the only kind of merchandise left that is sold "Buyer Beware." Can you imagine any other retail merchant in the 21st century trying to pass off fakes? But if those are the rules of the game, then we've all got to educate ourselves, so that we're not the victims of these frauds. In Tuesday's show, then, I'll continue to profile examples of the fakes that are now dominating so many categories. We'll look at midcentury modern furniture such as Noguchi tables and Barcelona chairs, pieces of antique furniture cobbled together from several pieces, giclees vs original oil paintings, autopen vs original autographs, photos vs lithos, movie posters, and we'll examine the role of provenance in authenticating antiques & art. Please join us Tuesday at the usual time, 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT & be sure to tune in 2 hours earlier for our monthly Classified Ads show with Heather & Tom. Gary