2 Halloween Collectibles Shows

  • This week iAntique will present 2 online chats on Halloween collectibles. On Tuesday, the 22nd, I'll devote my show to profiling Halloween antiques that I've found for sale in the Mall, then on Wednesday afternoon Stacy Stryker will lead a discussion on Halloween collectibles live in the cafe at the Brass Armadillo in Denver. Halloween antiques are rarer and comparably more valuable than collectibles associated with other holidays, for one reason because it's been celebrated in a major way only since the late 19th century in America. We'll discuss the origins and traditions, but since most of you probably are already familiar with that, I'll mainly focus on the collectible items, their rarity and values. We're on at the usual time on Tuesday, 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT; then Stacy's presentation will be on Wednesday at 1PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT. Please join us in the chat room for both shows. Gary