Forney Museum of Transportation

  • On Sunday, November 10, my weekly show will feature a visit to the world famous Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, CO. Come see some of the rarest classic cars, one of the 8 Big Boy locomotives, a huge Case steam tractor from 1923, the Timme Motorcycle Collection, a special exhibit of Ford F-Series pickups. There are 100's of classic cars, but a few of the highlights are: Amelia Earhart's Gold Bug Kissel (a speedster designed in 1919), a 1934 Pierce Arrow, an incredible electric car from 1916, a 1923 Hispano Suiza (I guarantee you've never seen anything to compare to this!), a 1967 Amphicar (it's amphibious!), a 1941 Packard with all the bells & whistles, and many more. The Executive Director of the Museum, Mr. Christophe Kheim, tells us the history of this remarkable collection & sets the stage for our journey through this huge space filled with some of the most important vehicles in America. You won't want to miss this adventure. We're on Sunday evening, November 10, at 6PM PST, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 9PM EST. Gary