Recent Changes to Craigslist

  • There have been several recent changes in the way that craigslist handles listings for items to sell. One change is negative for us who have always used the "Share" feature to conveniently post items to craigslist directly from the iAntique Classifieds. Craigslist no longer allows links in their listings, so now we have to save the images & info from the iAntique listing and re-post to craigslist. It takes a minute or 2  longer, at least for me. The other recent change is positive: craigslist now includes a "more ads by this user" link, so that a viewer of one of your listings can click on to see all the things that you have for sale on craigslist. I am a staunch believer in posting to craigslist--it's impossible to know exactly how much my sales in the Mall have been affected by people coming in to view items that I've listed on craigslist, but I believe that at least 25% of my sales in the Mall are a direct result of craigslist. Also, of course, I'm a real believer in posting in the iAntique Classifieds. If  you haven't noticed recently the postings go right to the top of the search engines. If any member would like for us to do a show demonstrating how to use craigslist & the iAntique Classifieds most effectively, let me know, and Ian & I will put something together. Gary