What is "The Style" of Today?

  • We now know the period 1865 to 1875 as Rococo Revival, 1875-1885 as Renaissance Revival, 1885-1900 as the beginnings of English Arts & Crafts and the French beginnings of Art Nouveau, 1900-1915 as American Arts & Crafts, 1920's-'30's as Art Deco, 1945-1960 as Midcentury Modern; but what will future generations call the period from 1960 til now? The contemporary art community calls everything after 1960 "Postmodern" or "Conceptual" or "Post Conceptual." I think they're on to something--I think that our current era is defined by a concept, not by a design style (much as Arts & Crafts was defined by a concept, namely handmade products in reaction to the factory made stuff from the Industrial Revolution.) In Sunday evening's show I'll try to define this contemporary style based on the concept of increasing environmental concern that is now becoming evident in every field of endeavor, and I'll try to show how knowledge of this style can benefit collectors and dealers of antiques, and how antiques can become contributors to lessening the environmental destruction now about us. Hope you can join us online Sunday evening at the usual time, 6PM PST, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 9PM EST. Gary