Thinking Outside the Box

  • In Sunday evening's show I pick out some recent outstanding examples of how thinking outside the box has brought outsize rewards to the antiques and collectibles dealers who have dared to challenge conventional thinking. Just as with the remarkable and innovative repurposed pieces that we've highlighted in recent shows, creative approaches to marketing, merchandising, and all other aspects of the business have often reaped dividends for those who took a chance on an idea that many would have felt foolhardy. It's really a story that has played out throughout American history in all aspects of culture and business. I'm sure all of you can think of examples that fit this story line, and I encourage those of you who would like to throw out a crazy idea that might not be that crazy, post your idea in the Forum section of the website so that our members can serve as a sounding board. Please join us at the usual time on Sunday, February 23, 2014 for this week's talk on antiques: 6PM PST, 7PM MST, 8PM CST, 9PM EST. Gary