Bargains Under $100 March 2014

  • In Sunday evening's show I search the mall for bargains priced under $100, and guess what? I find a few. I think. Come along with me and see if you agree. I'd be particularly interested in what you think about a Weller vase that I call Arts & Crafts. Actually I think I've found several other pieces in completely different categories that qualify as "steals," but then you may notice a flaw that I missed. It's been a while since I've done one of these Bargain shows, but if the past is any guide, the profiled pieces sell within a week or so. In fact, during the taping of this show, a customer swooped in and grabbed a cranberry glass vase before Ian could arrive to film me finding it! Please tune in Sunday, March 30, 2014,  at the usual time: 6PM PDT, 7PM MDT, 8PM CDT, 9PM EDT, and be sure too to catch the Young Collectors' Club an hour before my show and the antique guessing game which airs as soon as my show concludes. Gary