Snapshots or Vernacular Photographs

  • Last week Swann Galleries held their first ever auction of snapshots or vernacular photographs, ie, photos taken by amateurs, and the results were astounding. In this week's show we'll review those results and see whether there are lessons to be learned that we would all benefit from. What do you think about an 1880 photo of a fire chief that sold for more than $5,000? How about a photo c. 1910 of a woman with her long hair being held by a hand that sold for more than $6,000? It all made me wish that I had bought virtually every 19th century photo I ever saw for sale in an antiques mall. Please join us on Sunday evening for this week's show, devoted to plain ole snapshots. We'll be on at the usual time, 6PM PDT, 7PM MDT, 8PM CDT, 9PM EDT. Gary