So You Want to Be an Art Dealer?

  • A couple of weeks ago during my show on Hidden Treasures I said that I thought that there were great opportunities of finding real bargains in art, but that I thought the field was a little harzardous for most people, as you almost had to be born to be an art dealer. Ever siince I said that I've regretted it. So I've done this week's program on trying to find ways for members to determine for themselves whether they're cut out for this category. This week's show, then, is designed to test whether or not viewers can make themselves ready to, say, buy a painting for $15,000 that askart leads you to believe is worth $100,000. How do you gain the confidence in yourself to make that play? So, I've chosen 3 paintings, all very different from each other, to test everyone on. Only you will know whether you pass the test. Please join us at the usual time, Sunday, May 4, 2014, at 6PM PDT, 7PM MDT, 8PM CDT, 9PM EDT. Gary