Bargains in the Mall May 2014

  • We've taped another Bargains in the Mall show for airing on Sunday evening. In this installment I found some great buys under $100, and I had a very hard time deciding what I could "buy" with my limited resources. Actually, if you've watched these Bargain shows before, you know that I give the audience a week to buy any of the profiled items before I can come in to buy them myself. I found a fastastic Japanese earthenware lemonade set, a probably 18th century Swiss pewter flagon, some Royal Doulton "Coaching Days" pattern, some great Black Americana greeting cards & 10 or 12 other items that I thought were definite buys. Join us this Sunday evening, May 11, 2014, and see whether you agree with me. We're on at the usual time, 6PM PDT, 7PM MDT, 8PM CDT, 9PM EDT.