Uncovering Prints of Value

  • This week's show carries on a theme we developed last week in "The Devil's in the Details...", but this time we turn our critical eyes to prints in all their great variety, ie lithographs, engravings, etchings, dry points, woodcuts, giclees, etc. We've all heard dealers say, "oh, it's just a print," meaning it's not a one-off original work of art and therefore has little value. But, guess what? There are many prints that have great value, and in fact, the prints of some artists are worth more than their oil paintings or watercolors. We'll take a look this week at valuable, collectible, prints. I've done 3 earlier shows on how to distinguish one print from another and from a watercolor, so we won't go over that again. Those videos are in the Videos section. This time we're looking solely at how to distinguish prints that have collectible value. Please join us at the usual time, Sunday, June 1, at 6PM PDT, 7PM MDT, 8PM CDT, 9PM EDT. Gary