World's Wonder Tower Auction

  • Well, we went out to Genoa, CO for the 3-day auction at the World's Wonder Tower, and we managed to find a few bargains, I think. It was hot, dry, and dusty, so I hope we're going to get something out of this! Actually, it was a lot of fun, and we captured some of it on tape, so we'll be showing that on Sunday evening in our usual time slot. Heather, who you know from our bi-monthly appraisal show, found quite a few things that interested her, and we'll show you what she thought were great buys. She's one of the best on Colorado related material (as well as a lot of other things, like art, furniture, etc.) This was the auction of the Jerry Chubbick estate. Jerry was an archeologist, collector of Native American artifacts, and curator of the Tower Museum. Everything in the museum & his collection was sold over the weekend. I bought $93 worth of arrowheads, bottles, glass, rolling pins, etc on Friday, and I've now put these pieces out for sale in the Brass Armadillo in Denver. We'll put this to the test and track how we do over the next few weeks to see if we made any money. Please tune in Sunday evening at the usual time, 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT for this week's show, and check out the auction from the comfort of your living room. Gary