Antiques For Added Security

  • In honor of our mall's designation of February as Design & Repurposing Month, I'll do shows this month on that theme. On Sunday evening, February 1, our program is entitled, "Antiques for Added Security." It's based on the concept that antique & vintage cigarette cases and other small metal boxes and cases can serve a new function in today's world--if you keep your credit cards in a metal case, then they cannot be read by a RFID reader that some crook might try to use against you! So, I've gone through the mall and found some great examples for very collectible items that are useful not only for your collection, but also can provide functional security for your credit cards. The General Manager of the Brass Armadillo in Denver, Scott Gottula, mentioned this a couple of weeks ago--it's something I had never heard about before. He said that the Mall is now selling a lot of these types of antiques for this purpose. Go figure! Hope you can join us at the usual time this Sunday: 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST. Gary