Our Love Affair with Travel

  • For this week's show I've walked through the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver searching for interesting collectibles in the travel or transportation category, and I think I've found quite a few of interest. Whether you're partial to travel by plane, bus, car, train, stage coach, on horseback, ship, truck, motor cycle, or space ship I've got you covered. I see that I forgot to find something related to walking or hiking--actually my favorite mode of transport! Surely we've got some canes for sale in the Mall! I've tried to draw a distinction between travel & tourism--let me know if you buy into my distinction. Please join us in the chat room at the usual time on Sunday evening, June 7, 2015 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Hope to see you then. Gary