Bargains in the Mall

  • I found some very interesting bargains and very interesting unusual vintage & antique pieces at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver yesterday, so I've devoted this week's show to showing you what I found! There's a large Pepsi Cola radio from the '50's, a Miller Brothers 101 Ranch booklet from the '20's, a great grain painted pie safe c. 1850, a 20" x 16" studio photo c. 1870, and many other items. Please join us on Sunday evening, May 1, 2016, at the usual time: 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Some of the questions we'll be trying to answer are: can you have collectible advertising pieces made long after the company doing the advertising has gone out of business? ( is that a trick question?), why does anything "Western" sell for far more than relative comps even those from the old Confederacy?, what's a double camel saddle & who cares?. Hope you can tune in. Gary