Watercolors, Gouaches, Pastels

  • I get more questions about how to tell whether a picture under glass is original or a print than all other questions I receive combined. It's very easy to figure it out, and as a dealer, knowing how to do it is probably worth more to you than any other thing you can learn. So, in this week's show we'll discuss not only how to determine whether a picture is original or not, but also how to know if an original work is a watercolor, a gouache, or a pastel. I've selected 5 watercolors, 3 gouaches, and a pastel to demonstrate not only which medium they are, but also to get at values for each of the 9 works. We'll look at 2 watercolors by Charles Henry Reinike, 1 by Terri McNichol, 1 by Herndon Davis, and 1 by Frank Howell; 2 gouaches by Gerry Metz and 1 by Richard Pannett; and a gorgeous pastel by Elsie Haddon Haynes. Hope you can join us at the usual time, this Sunday evening, June 19, 2016 at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Gary