Selling to Tourists

  • I sell out of The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver, Colorado, which is located directly on the interstate highway leading from Denver to the Rocky Mountains. Thousands of vehicles pass by the Mall every day, and many of them are carrying tourists. Some of them find their way to my booths & showcases in the Mall, and I try to have somethings for sale that might appeal to them. I don't know what % of my sales are to customers from out of state, but I think it's high. I carry the usual postcards, stereoview cards, and pennants from all the states, but I think that there's a better way to target people on vacation. We have 2 distinct tourism seasons in the Rockies, but for us at the Brass, summertime is the major tourist season, and we're in the middle of it now. For that I'm glad, as all the natives seem to be visiting other states, perhaps a place near you! Please join us this coming Sunday evening, July 10, 2016 at the usual time: 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT for this week's show on Selling to Tourists. Gary