A Tribute to Gordon Rozanski (Ski)

  • Gordon Rozanski, "Ski" to his many friends & associates at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver & Antique Advisor to iAntique, died last week. This week's program is a tribute to his legacy. Ski enriched us all with his willingness to impart his vast store of knowledge of antiques to all of us, whether in one-on-ones or in the shows he did for iAntique, such as The Coffee Club. I've selected just a few of the pieces from his enormous collection to highlight in the show. Civil War, cast iron, advertising, furniture, knives--he collected & was an expert in all of these categories & more. His wife, Mary, will now carry on as a dealer at the Brass, so we'll have a constant reminder of his influence on us. Each of his fellow dealers has "Ski" stories, and at the conclusion of this week's program I'll be interviewing some of them to ask what their favorite Ski story is. What I'll remember most is that he was active in the business until the very end, even though he suffered from health problems for years. He was buying stuff up til the last week of his life! We will miss him greatly. Gary