Antique Stoneware Pottery

  • Antique malls across America display hundreds of examples of every conceivable shape, size, age, condition, and decoration of American stoneware pottery, and among them are extremely valuable pieces that might go unnoticed, unless you know how value is determined in today's marketplace. There have been several recent sales of cobalt decorated stoneware that have sold for more than $400,000! In the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver, Colorado I've found a couple of really special examples that we'll discuss in this week's show. One is a 5 gallon salt glaze crock by Cooper & Power of Maysville, Kentucky (one of their 1/2 gallon pitchers recently sold at auction for more than $17,000), and the other is a great 3 gallon beehive jug from Wheeling, West Virginia. I haven't been able to find comps by this maker, a Richard Nolan. Both are very reasonably priced to sell. We'll also examine about 12 other pieces of stoneware pottery currently for sale in the Mall, and discuss value on them as well. Please tune in at the usual time this coming Sunday, November 27, 2016: 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST. Gary