Black Forest Carvings

  • This coming Sunday is Christmas so the Sunday night shows will be uploaded to the Videos section early next week. Check the home page Tuesday or Wednesday. My show this week is on Black Forest Carvings. We happen to have right now some truly great Black Forest antiques for sale in the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver, so I've decided to profile them. It may surprise you to learn that Black Forest carvings do not, generally, use wood from the Black Forest, and they almost never were carved in the Black Forest. The tradition begin in Brienz, Switzerland in the early 19th century and continues there to this day, but all the pieces we'll be discussing are true antiques, and they're gorgeous. Check the photo accompanying this blog for a preview of what's on the show. Let me know what you think about these highly individualized carvings--do you like them or not? Gary