1930's Mahogany Furniture

  • What I think of as one of the most unloved categories in all the collectibles/antiques market is Depression era furniture, but I could be wrong about that! In this week's show we'll take a hard look at the furniture made in American factories during the 1930's. When I looked through the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall here in Denver for pieces to examine for this show, I was surprised to find that there weren't that many examples to choose from. Is that because dealers know nobody likes it, or is it because there aren't that many good pieces from that period left? We'll try to answer that question during the show. What do you think about the beauty, quality, and collectibility of furniture made by Morsman and Imperial? Please join us at the usual time this coming Sunday evening, January 29, 2017 for this week's show on 1930's Mahogany Furniture. Gary