High End Antique Pocket Watches

  • I first had Vern Playten as a guest on my show 7 years ago. That program has always been one of our most popular--Vern's a lifelong collector of antique pocket watches, and in that show 7 years ago he showed us part of his collection and explained the ins & outs of the category. Then a little over a year ago we did a show on Vern's beginning collector sets--very reasonably priced pocket watches that Vern put together in sets of 4 to appeal to those just wanting to get started collecting. In this week's show Vern will show us 4 spectacular high-end pocket watches that any collector would love to have. A Waltham, a Howard, and 2 Elgins. Each has its own particular attributes that make it special, and Vern will describe each in detail. Please join us this coming Sunday evening, February 26, 2016 for this week's show on High End Antique Pocket Watches. We're on at the usual time: 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST. Gary