JFK Records Release

  • On July 24 the Government released 3810 documents relating to the JFK assassination. Included among them are 17 audio files of interviews with Soviet defector, Yuri Nosenko. 441 documents had never been released before, and 3,369 had been released but had portions redacted, but are now unredacted. The Government is required by a 1992 law to release the remaining files concerning the assassination by October 26, 2017, but at least 2 government agencies are asking President Trump to withhold some materials. In this week's show I discuss what we've learned so far, and I provide a list of what I hope we'll get by October 26. This is the 7th program we've done on the Kennedy assassination, beginning in May 2011 with an interview with Mary Ann Moorman, the woman who took the famous polaroid of the fatal shot with the grassy knoll in the background. The 6 shows already done are in the Videos section & on Youtube: :"Cameras Important to the JFK Assassination," "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?", "If Oswald Didn't Do It, Who Did?", "Interview with Mary Ann Moorman", "Interview with Assassination Researcher, John Kelin," and an "Update on the JFK Assassination" in May 2015. This week's program is on at the usual time, Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Please join us. Gary