Fakes, Forgeries, Copies, Reproductions

  • The antiques & collectibles market is being affected as never before by fakes, forgeries, copies, and reproductions. Even experts are being fooled. It seems like the faster we develop new technologies to uncover fakes, the faster crooks develop technology to outsmart us. So, how should we confront this attack on our business? In this week's show I try to begin to tackle this issue. We all know that reproductions tend to drive down values for antiques. That's not new. But did you know that high quality digital images can now replicate an oil painting's texture, and that the resultant print can often fool people who have dealt in art for their entire career? Can you believe that the market for arrowheads is being undermined by new imports? But it's a complex issue. There are reproductions done in the 19th century that replicate 18th century pieces. Are these reproductions worthy of collecting? I did a show on this subject in 2013, entitled, "Fakes, Knockoffs, and Repros" (it's in the Videos section). But things have gotten worse since then. In this week's show we'll begin to look at fakes, forgeries, copies, and reproductions in an effort to distinguish the real from the unreal. Please join us at the usual time: 5PM PDT, 6PM MDT, 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT. Hope to see you then. Gary