• Fountain Pens - “What you write with reflects who you are” so the saying goes, and fountain pens were a reflection of a person’s education and status in days gone by. Up until the mid-Twentieth Century, fountain pens, or ink pens as some people call them, were the primary way for people to communicate the written word. The smooth even flow of ink from a vintage fountain pen adds delicacy, beauty, and flair to what is written on paper. Even today, writing with a vintage fountain pen is to write with a quality instrument having a rich history and legacy.

    While there were many manufacturers of fountain pens, there are four recognized as the most prominent leaders in the industry, those being Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, and Conklin. Each of these companies made significant contributions to fountain pens. Waterman’s #52 Pen was the first level-filled pen to become popular. Sheaffer’s “Balance Pen” was the first to use a torpedo-shape which fit the hand very nicely. Parker’s #51 Pen had clean lines and sleek style and had sales of around 20 million. Conklin’s “Crescent Filler System” allowed the pen to be filled using only one hand. Regardless of the manufacturer, fountain pens were marvelous works of engineering and art.

    Collecting vintage fountain pens has become quite popular in recent years as fountain pens represent a great way to own a piece of history at reasonable costs. Be sure to look for vintage fountain pens the next time you visit the Brass Armadillo Antique Store.