Vintage Jewelry Boxes

  • When I think of vintage jewelry boxes, the first thing that comes to mind are the ballerina jewelry boxes of the 1960’s. They were every little girls dream at the time. But there’s a lot more to them than you might think Porcelain trinket boxes were very popular during the Victorian days and were decorated with flowers, animals, and sculptures of children. Jewelry boxes have also displayed various events, such as the World’s Fair in 1904. Metal jewelry boxes became quite the thing in early 1900’s when Art Nouveau was extremely fashionable in France. These were made of metal and decorated with ivory, silver or gold.   The designs included birds, animals and women with long hair.

    American-made jewelry boxes were focused on historic themes, such as the Civil War and colonial days. The history of jewelry boxes with their unique histories can lead you on a fascinating journey through many countries. It's truly worth your time.  They are a varied lot and there are affordable pieces. There is definitely something out there for everyone. Oh and don’t forget the celluloids!