Way, way back before “Elf on a Shelf” became a sensation, elves existed in fairy tales, plays, stories and mythology.  In the 1500's, it was typical for elves to be embraced into “elf folk tales”. By the mid 1700’s, elves had progressed into Christmas decorations. These adorable characters were thought of as pranksters and sometimes would take revenge on people who offended them – so the story goes. In the 1920’s they were made in German and in the 1930’s, made in Japan. Now a days, they’re mostly seen at Halloween and Christmas (Santa’s little helpers) and highly collectible. I remember seeing them in Woolworth’s – that’s age telling isn’t it!     These days these collectible wee marvels range in cost from $50 and up. Be sure to check for the “Germany” or “Japan” marks on the underside of their feet. These are quite collectible. Be sure to check out The Brass Armadillo for these little wonders! You will find quite a collection especially October thru December.