Wire Ware

  • Vintage wire ware has been collected for decades. Now it seems there is a resurgence of interest as collectors of wire ware appears to be increasing. Wire tells the story of America and how it shaped the lives of people from cities to across the plains. At the end of the 19th Century, open-range cattle ranching came to an end with the invention of the railroad and the demand for barbed wire fencing was of great importance to farmers in safeguarding farm animals as well as marking the division of land. Just as fencing was important to the rancher, kitchen utensils were important to the way people carried out their daily lives. Collectors are looking for primitive wire baskets, wire egg carriers, milk bottle carriers with wire coil handles, and on and on. A not often seen item is a primitive pie cooling rack holder . Now that would be an awesome find.  A good starting point for your collection could be vintage “Ball” fruit jars with wire bail handles which are less expensive and easier to find.  Primitive wire baskets and lots of kitchen utensils would look great displayed in your kitchen. These collectibles are great reminders that back in the day life was a great deal harder than it is today. They’re great reminders too of how our ancestors lived. Americana at its finest!