Some of you may own a one-of a-kind record and maybe some of you own records that you listened to when you were growing up. They are wonderful to collect. As I have and you may have too, countless numbers of the vinyl records I have come across have deteriorated primarily from being kept in a damp/wet basement where there was no temperature control and other conditions. You undoubtedly treasure them and want to keep them in good condition. Anyway, there are some pretty good guide lines for taking care of your treasures that you may not be aware of The Library of Congress, about as professional as you can get, suggests the following tips for preserving your collection:

    • Vinyl records should be stored upright and organized according to size; different sizes should not be stored side by side.
    • Hands should be washed and dried thoroughly and free of any lotions or other substances before handling the paper sleeves or albums.
    • Records should be handled by the edge or center label only; avoid touching the grooved portion of these fragile materials.
    • Polyethylene sleeves can fit inside paper sleeves to protect the surface of the record and reduce deterioration of the vinyl over time.
    • Record players and turntables should be kept clean and maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Take care of the prized vinyls you’ve been collecting. You may want to pass them down to the next generation so they can enjoy them too!