Tucson Gem & Mineral Showcase

  •  Are you a mineral collector, rock hound enthusiast, or just simply love fossils, beads, precious stones, and jewelry? Then you may be interested in checking out the renowned Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase held yearly in Tucson, Arizona, since 1954. It claims to be the largest of its kind in this country, attracting the world’s top mineralogists, gem experts and dealers, plus tens of thousands of visitors and collectors. Actually, there are over 40 separate gem and mineral shows spread throughout the greater Tucson area during the “Tucson Show.” Shows are held in many locations, and, since Tucson has great weather (usually in the 60 to 70 degree range), they are in huge tents as well. This year the “Tucson Show” is being held January 30th through February 17th. At the “Show”, you will find some the best and most expensive gems beads, minerals, fossils, and jewelry in the world, as well as many, many items priced under a dollar. Many major museums and private collectors attend displaying the outstanding specimens in their collections.

    The first several days of the Show are heavily attended with typically over 50,000 people attending. However, every day is well attended with the last two days also heavily attended as many dealer and vendors greatly reduce prices to avoid having to carry home inventory. This is a bargain hunter’s paradise!

    Entry to most of the shows is free and free parking is typically available. Free shuttle transportation is available between many of the shows. Only a few Shows, such as the show at the Tucson Convention Center, charge entrance fee and/or parking fee. However, be advised that hotel rooms are at a premium during the show and advance reservations are recommended. In fact, many of the shows are at hotel and motels with many vendors using hotel rooms as display areas each day.

    If you are seeking precious or semi-precious stones, gems, fossils, minerals, or rocks of any kind; or if you just like to rummage, you will have multiple choices at the “Show.” Plan on being amazed and overwhelmed -- It is truly a spectacular event!