Easter Bunnies

  • Easter Bunnies

    It always seems like the holidays creep up on us, and this Easter is no exception - April 5. Are you searching for the next Easter item to add to your collection? The Brass Armadillo has a beautiful selection of vintage Easter cards, pictures, photographs of long-ago family celebrations, and rabbits (or “bunnies” as I prefer to call them) that will fit perfectly in your collection. Adding to my collection of Easter items is particularly hard when it comes to selecting Easter cards. Many Easter cards have fancy and elaborate designs and the illustrations are so beautiful. I have a grouping of framed Easter cards which I display during Easter and they always get nice comments from visitors and friends. Displaying a collection of bunny rabbit figurines is also a popular Easter tradition; and that brings up another Easter favorite – the Royal Doulton rabbit figurines named “Bunnykins”. These bunnies were originally created by a nun, Sister Mary Barbara, who was the daughter of Doulton’s Managing Director. Her early designs were signed “Barbara Vernon”. The line of Bunnykins was originally created and produced during the 1930’s making the early limited-production editions highly prized and sought after. The Bunnykins line of figurines eventually ceased production, but the collection was revived in the early 1970’s and continues today. There have been more than 400 different Bunnykins made and most can be found in antique and collector’s stores, although early editions are quite rare and expensive.