Halloween Collectibles

  • Halloween Collectibles

    Next to Christmas, Halloween is probably children’s’ most favorite celebrations. Many adults actually enjoy Halloween and its related parties, festivals, and “haunted” events even more than children. As a result, Halloween collectibles have become very popular and can be found in all types, shapes, forms, and colors in the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall now and throughout October.

    Halloween has been celebrated in some form for over 1,000 years since the early Celts first began celebrating the end of the harvest season. In the mid 1500’s, All Saints Day was celebrated on November 1st and the night before All Saints Day was thought to be the night of the dead, or All Hallows Day. Over the years All Hallows Day became known as Halloween, and has been celebrated in the United States almost since the arrival of the first settlers.

    Types of Halloween collectibles range from games, to costumes, to masks, to Jack-O-Lanterns, to black cats, and of course, witches and skeletons. Many people even collect various kinds of Halloween candies. Halloween noise makers are also popular collectibles. The price of Halloween collectibles varies with the age, condition, and scarcity, as is the case with all antiques and collectibles. Halloween collectibles can be purchased for a few dollars to several thousands of dollars.

    Be sure to stop in the Brass Armadillo during October (or any month) and scope out the wide variety of Halloween collectibles. It is a great way to pass an afternoon, and you never know, you might find something you just can’t live without!