Holiday Decorating

  • Holiday Decorating

    Ah, the Holidays are upon us and yes, it can be pretty overwhelming.   However, if you are decorating on a budget and are willing to leave your “comfort zone”, you should treasure hunt at the Brass Armadillo. I did just that last week and I was amazed at how easy it was to find vintage items that have the potential to be given a new life as Holiday décor and then be used after the holidays for other purposes. The Brass Armadillo is chock full of unique treasures for a fraction of the cost at retail stores. Not only that, it’s so much fun just imagining how things can be used for various decorating purposes. For example, the pictured “snowshoe” wreath was made by a dear friend of mine – Judy Brown. She purchased the snowshoe at the Denver Brass Armadillo and created a beautiful winter scape with some animals, foliage and other decorations. As you can see, she has that “special touch”; but don’t let that discourage you. Here are some easy Holiday ideas for the items I found. The Brass Armadillo has beautiful barn wood frames that can be turned into an instant decoration by simply adding ribbon and a green wreath. Cut a piece of ribbon, wrap it around the wreath and suspend from the frame. There – you have a new beautiful and creative decoration that’s so easy. Pick up a few vintage cookie cutters and arrange them on a tray lined with vintage Christmas fabric. So cute. Looking for a new centerpiece for your dining table? Place lanterns in the center of your table, pop in pillar candles. Voila – a stunning holiday table centerpiece that can be used on your patio this summer. The Brass Armadillo has so many items that can change or add to the décor you already have. All you need is a little imagination and to think outside the box!