12 Great Gift Ideas for "Her" - One Stop Shopping


    Hey guys and girls, just in case you are thinking that the Holidays are coming and you have no idea what to give that special someone or a member of your family, here are some great ideas for the “her” in your life. Whether she prefers vintage, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, etc., the Brass Armadillo has something for everyone.

    1. Vintage Purses. Ooh! The Brass Armadillo has so many to choose from, whether art deco, purses from the ‘20’s, 30’s to today; or maybe a glittery purse for New Year’s Eve.
    2. Western. Boots, spurs, big selection of southwest items. Many styles and very reasonable prices.
    3. Jewelry. Whether vintage, Native American or contemporary, the Brass Armadillo has you covered.
    4. Vintage Christmas Decorations. Recreating the look and feel of past Christmases, you will find vintage Christmas trees, bubble lights, light reflectors, tree toppers, ornaments, manger scenes, and even an aluminum tree!
    5. Kitchen Ware. In this area, maybe you already know what she likes. If not, check out these kitchen items: ‘50’s Pyrex, aprons, Depression glass, wood spoons and rolling pins. There is so much available it’s mind boggling. I’ll bet you’re up to it though!
    6. Perfume Bottles. The sheer beauty of older perfume bottles will delight anyone.
    7. Book Lovers. Rare books and first editions and children’s books. Children’s books which she may have read as a child would certainly be a hit.
    8. Fine Art, lithographs, prints. Oh they are so beautiful!
    9. Toys. Nice selection of marbles, models, and toys she played with as a child. Receiving a toy or doll from her childhood would be such a big surprise.
    10. Postcards, old photographs. What’s unique here is that you can select a postcard from the year she was born or the city/state where she grew up. You can also select one from the year either of her parents were born. Put the postcard in a frame and you’re set.
    11. Fine Dining. The Brass Armadillo always has a great selection of crystal, china and candle holders. If she loves a particular pattern, this is pretty much a no brainer!
    12. Still not sure? Ok, I don’t believe there is anyone who wouldn’t like a gift card from the Brass Armadillo!

    Happy Holiday Shopping at the BRASS ARMADILLO