So I did a blog for gift ideas for the gals. Now it’s only fair I do the same for the guys. If he’s a collector, that makes it a little easier for you. Being a dealer at the Denver Brass Armadillo, I see lots of guys who are serious collectors as well as those who tag along with someone (the wife). No matter which category he falls into, the Brass Armadillo has lots to offer for the man in your life.

    1. Hot Wheels and Antique Toys.   It never ceases to amaze me how many guys collect Hot Wheels and it’ so cool to watch them. They know exactly what they’re looking for. The Brass Armadillo has a big selection of Hot Wheels from the hard-to-find to the vintage!
    2. Western Wear. Boots, western shirts, pants, saddles, spurs, etc. Lots to choose from.
    3. Sports Memorabilia.  From sports cards to gloves, bats and other gear, you’re sure to find something he’ll love.
    4. Antique Tools. Check out the selection of carpentry tools, primitive farm tools, logging tools and old tool chests.
    5. Coins and Paper Money.   Coins make a wonderful gift and especially when he is interested in our nation’s economic history. It’s a fascinating collectible ranging from medieval coins, encased coins, coins from the United States, as well as other countries.
    6. Vintage Automotive Items. There are some serious collectors who like vintage oil cans, auto signs and tools, as well as hood ornaments.
    7. Watches. If he’s into watches, there is always has a good selection from pocket watches from the 1800’s, watch fobs, and watch stands. Brand name watches from Bulova to Longines, Rolex, Omega, they’re all at the Brass Armadillo.
    8. Vintage and Antique Knives. If your guy is a hunter, there are some really cool knives made by Buck, Case, Bowie, Old Timer and Randall. Prices range from very affordable to more expensive.
    9. Record Albums. Vinyl records have been around a long time and can certainly bring back memories. There’s a tremendous selection of different genres from jazz, pop, classical, etc. Vintage holiday albums are wonderful too!!!
    10. Comics. Superheroes with superhuman powers, i.e., Wonder Woman, Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc. The art work on the covers are superb. If he doesn’t collect comics, give him a comic book printed during the year he was born!
    11. Beer Memorabilia. From vintage beer cans (empty, of course) to beer openers, beer glasses and particularly neon beer signs, your guy would probably like any of these for his “man cave”!
    12. Last but not lease. The Brass Armadillo has gift cards that never expire!

    Happy Holiday Shopping at the BRASS ARMADILLO