Larimar ??? The Gemstone of the Caribbean

  • In the coming weeks I will be showcasing some unusual gemstones and fossils that I stumbled onto at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year. I hope you find them as intriguing as I do!

    The first gemstone is “Larimar” which is a blue/white semi-precious gemstone found only in a small area of the Dominican Republic and it has gained immense popularity since the late 20th century. Larimar, or blue Pectolite, has been forged from the volcanic forces that shaped the Caribbean many millions of years ago. Interestingly, the name Larimar originates from a local artisan who first polished the stone in the 1970’s. He named it after his daughter, Larissa, and the Spanish word for the sea (mar). Since then, the stones intrinsic beauty, reflecting the essence of clear blue sky and crystal blue Caribbean water, has created a high demand for this increasing popular gemstone. The most popular patterns of the stone present a pleasing blue color with intriguing whitish patterns. The white patterns often soften and lighten the overall blue color creating the visual sense of ocean water foaming at the shore. Many types of jewelry from rings, to bracelets to necklaces can be found containing Larimar. The Brass Armadillo has several cases displaying Larimar jewelry at reasonable prices. Look for Larimar during your next visit to The Brass Armadillo!