American Indian Art - Heard Museum


    If you ever visit Phoenix, AZ, don’t miss going to the Heard Museum, as it is has one of the best collections of Native American history and artifacts in the world. The preservation and representation of indigenous Native Indians’ art, “lifeways,” and history is the focus of the Museum. The museum’s collection contains over 40,000 objects displayed by geographical regions and tribal association, as well as over 50 recorded interviews with individual Indians. The Museum also contains educational programs, exhibits, unique festivals and so much more.

    What’s truly unique to the Heard Museum is the participation and collaboration of many Indian tribes. Their way of life, how they view their art and history is truly the result of teamwork between the museum and Native American tribes. The tribes’ input and contributions allow museum visitors to see life portrayed through their eyes. The Museum is dedicated to displaying Native Indians’ daily life and art with respect, dignity, and sensitivity. Along the way, there are some moments of undeniable brutality depicted in the museum, both by the white settlers as well as the Native Americans. This is part of the history of America, though unfortunate.

    Anyone interested in the culture of Native American Indians’ will leave the Heard Museum with an understanding and awareness of these indigenous peoples. There is a wealth of information and knowledge available just for the taking.

    After visiting the Heard Museum, be sure to visit the two Brass Armadillo stores located in the greater Phoenix area.