"Recycling for Garden Decor'

  • Recycled Garden Ideas!

    It always seems as though spring will never get here but it eventually does.  Until then, I’m planning how I can use "recycled" items to decorate my patio/yard.  Take a look at some of my ideas.

    1. Wood shutters, a door, or any large structure, work great to hide anything you wish wasn’t there, such as an A/C unit. Shutters can also be used to create a living wall by filling a burlap sack with dirt, inserting a plant and stapling the sack to the back of the shutter. Then pull the plant through the front opening of the shutter. Now you have a living wall that once it grows and fills in, will look amazing. I plan on staggering the plants on the shutters for a nice visual effect.
    2. Iron Work is a wonderful addition to the garden no matter how you use it or where you place it!  The Brass Armadillo has some incredible pieces.
    3. Picket Fence. A small section of picket fence, made of wire, metal or wood, creates such a “homey” atmosphere. White washing a wood fence adds a special touch. The more banged up, the cuter. Painting each slat a different color is really a nice touch too.
    4. Metal or wood chair. Place this in your yard anywhere. If the seat is pretty tattered, place a pretty container of flowers on the seat to cover up the “tatteredness”, or remove the seat altogether, place the container inside the seat which lets the blooms pop up through the seat. Since I never have enough blue flowers in my yard, I plan to paint my chair blue.
    5. Old Wash Tub. Lean the tub up against anything, place a plant or plants and let them flow onto the ground. Creeping phlox is beautiful like this.
    6. A tricycle, child’s wood wagon or chair will add so much visual interest. Spray paint them and add some blooming plants. Voila!
    7. Vintage wood windows. They are so “hot” right now. They’re great for hanging or just standing against something. If you find one without the glass, hang potted plants inside the panes or colorful bird houses. Let your imagination go wild with this one.
    8. Wagon Wheel. Use it as a stand-alone piece of décor or add to a table base, place glass on the top and you have an outdoor table.
    9. Old wood ladder. Whether it is just one side of the ladder or free standing, it lends itself to so many creative ideas to decorate. My favorite is to alternately place candles and plants on each step. Lighting the candles in the evening is a really special touch.
    10. Iron Well Pump. Place this on an old stump in the yard that just won’t go away. Add some pretty pots around the pump and you have a unique art piece.

    Wandering around The Brass Armadillo this week, I found every one of these items, as well as lots of other things that can be recycled.  Stop by The Brass Armadillo for a look and let your creativity loose!  Have a great time!