Making a Comeback: Turntables



     Believe it or not, turntables (aka record players/phonographs) have made a huge comeback. The question most people ask is “Why”. Sure it’s nostalgic but there is much more to it than that. Vinyl records simply sound better than the sound from a CD player, MP3 player or the sound coming from a smart phone or IPOD. Playing a vinyl record harkens back to when families sat around phonographs listening to the beautiful sound emanating from the records. Take a look around The Brass Armadillo and you will see lots of dealers offering vinyl records for sale and maybe a turntable or two. Turntables offer a vastly superior way of playing music, providing a purer and higher quality sound. Most listening music today is recorded in analogue and played back in analogue, compressed, emailed and played back off some pretty terrible sound producing devices." Sometime in the near future, take a look and listen to a record being played on a turntable – you’ll be amazed at the high quality of the sound compared to your cell phone or gadget. There is a wonderful richness of sound that you won’t find any place else.