National Book Month

  • National Reading Month

    March is National Reading Month and with winter still hanging on, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a great book. It’s also a wonderful time to share your love of reading with your children.   At The Brass Armadillo, we frequently hear parents talking to their children about the books they read as children and many times they purchase those books to share with them. Remember the Nancy Drew Mystery series, the early Golden Books, Black Beauty? The Brass Armadillo has such a great variety of books to choose from historical to literature, Americana, vintage cookbooks and on and on. For all you collectors, remember that over time the number of copies of any book diminishes! Don’t forget about vintage magazines. The photographs and graphics in vintage books and magazines are reason enough to spur on collectors. They bring back memories of another time.

    There is a very informative article on the “Care, Handling and Storage of Books” by The Library of Congress (