Get your Phonograph Ready!

  • Get your Phonograph Ready!


    It is time to drag your old phonograph and vinyl records out of the basement because vinyl records are in high demand these days. Many audiophiles now prefer music coming from vinyl records more than digitally- reproduced music. They like the truer more distinct sound, even with some of the distortions produced by vinyl records.

    While the old 45 RPM and 78 RPM vinyl records have some demand, the demand for 33 1/3 RPM Record Albums has skyrocketed and thus, the value has increased significantly over the past few years. Whether it be for the records or for the album covers, the demand has grown. Of course the artists on the album is the most important factor affecting value, the condition of the record itself, as well as the condition of the album cover, greatly affect the value. Common albums can be purchased for as little as a dollar while rare, scarce first-pressing editions of certain albums have values in the hundreds of dollars.

    Interested? Check out the Brass Armadillo as there are several vendors selling vinyl record albums as well as 45 RPM single records. Relax and enjoy the sounds from old vinyl records!