"Jelly Belly" Pins and Brooches


    What a cute name “Jelly Belly Pins”!!! These adorable vintage costume jewelry pins and brooches were stylish yet unusual, quirky and just plain fun. “Jelly Belly’s) came in an assortment of animals from poodles, elephants, monkeys, dogs, roosters, etc. They’re fairly easy to spot with the “belly” being round and the largest part (think cabochon shape) of the pin. Also, look for the belly to contain a Lucite cabochon although some were made with clear stones, such as moonstones. Many of the pins were embedded with rhinestones, enameled decorations, and reverse carved. There were also ear rings made to match the pins and brooches. As with anything popular, other jewelry companies began making them too yet Trifari and Corocraft were the major producers. Collectors today look for those pieces manufactured around 1938 with most being made between 1943-45. Now a days there are many copies and forgeries of Jelly Belly Pins so before spending your hard-earned money, check out costume jewelry references books at your local library. Roseann Ettinger’s book titled “Forties and Fifties Costume Jewelry” is a good place to start when trying to distinguish between a forgery of a Jelly Belly and one made in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. They’re so adorable. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them just as I have!