• If you’ve ever taken note of the watercolor paintings of Native American children by Ted DeGrazia, you probably will not forget his unique southwestern perspective of native cultures. He had a wonderful appreciation of the Sonoran desert and the lives of native cultures.

    He was born in Arizona in 1909 to immigrant Italian parents. He literally started with nothing yet he managed to explore so many venues in his career from bronze sculpting, lithographs, enamel on copper paintings, oil paintings, watercolors, and on and on.

    “DeGrazia: The Man and the Myths” is a wonderful book full of details about his life and the struggles he encountered in becoming a prominent impressionist painter.

    The DeGrazia Foundation “Gallery in the Sun” is located in Tucson, AZ where you will find his work on display. You should stop by when you can and see his carefully preserved art kept in a simple adobe house which he built himself in 1944 - that in itself says so much about the man. When you see it, you’ll know what I mean. Before I forget, I’ve managed to pick up several pieces of his art at The Brass Armadillo in Denver and you will probably find even more examples of his work at The Brass Armadillo stores in Phoenix and Goodyear, Arizona.