• Fall is around the corner and it’s time for decorating the house with baskets of gourds, wreaths, corn stalks, pumpkins, and maybe a vintage wood bucket full of apples. With fall comes cooler weather and I never fail to wish I had a set of Franciscan dinnerware in the October pattern made by Gladding-McBean. This company started making dinnerware in the 1875 and it’s still making dinnerware and pottery today. Throughout the changing times, Franciscan Ware evolved from the 1940’s with their Apple and Desert Rose designs. Their Desert Rose design embodied a new California style of ceramics, illustrating both Spanish and Western styles. During the 1950’s styles changed to modern, Mid-Century, and Franciscan created their Starburst pattern with geometric shapes. In the 1970’s, Franciscan Ware was sold to Wedgwood. A few of their most popular lines are still in production today and can be found at Macy’s and other stores. The new dinnerware being produced today is fine but just knowing you have the vintage dinnerware that a family used in the 1940’s and on is still appealing. The Brass Armadillo stores have a wide selection of Franciscan Ware and will gladly help you with locating the pattern of your choice. For more information about Franciscan dinnerware, check out the Franciscan Ceramics Archive’s website. Happy Fall Season!