VINTAGE GLOVES 1940'S - 1960'S

  • VINTAGE GLOVES – 1940’s-1960’s

    1940’s - Believe it or not, during WWII, ladies’ elegant gloves were considered an unnecessary item and limited ration coupons were issued in order to purchase them. The fancy trim and embellishments of the past were gone and the colors were extremely practical, mostly neutrals and darker colors, and styles were quite simple.  It was common to see ladies push their gloves down into a ruched effect to dress them up

    1950’s - Once the war was over, gloves were readily available and very popular again. The 1950’s brought a more refined and dressier look for ladies.

    Jackie Kennedy was a style icon during those years and she set the standard for how ladies should look for daytime and evening attire. Ladies began wearing matching gloves, purses and hats and the pulled together fashions were quite smart. The styles of gloves embodied all of the design from prior decades and came in lots of colors, trims and lengths. Evening attire required elbow-length or long gloves and were widely available in fabrics of lace, sheer, satin and nylon. Of course, their accessories were color coordinated to complement their dress or formal gown.

    I remember going downtown shopping in department stores and ladies were always dressed in their nicest clothes. Their selection of gloves, hats and purses were made to coordinate with their clothing. You simply did not see jeans!

    1960’s -

    In the early‘60s, women were still dedicated to the coordinated look of attire of the 50’s. Around the mid-60’s trends changed and ladies were not wearing gloves as much except for formal attire. The gloves that were being worn were simpler in style, color and lacking decorations. As seasons changed so did the fabrics and tones of gloves - pastels in summer and darker tones in winter.